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Important notice:
Our team has successfully launched Auromode Yoga Space in 2017-2018 winter season.
Now we represent Auroville and run Yogaboka private yoga studio in a beautiful country of Montenegro, Southern Europe. All kindly welcome to visit us -

Our friends and colleagues keep taking care of Auromode Yoga Space in Auroville, please visit their website for updated schedules, therapies and events:

In the ordinary course of Yoga that physical strength is replaced by a yogic strength or yogic life-force which keeps up the body and makes it work, but in the absence of this force the body is denuded of power, inert and tamasic. This can only be remedied by the whole being opening to Yoga-Shakti in each of its planes - yogic mind-force, yogic life-force, yogic body-force.
Sri Aurobindo, Lights on Yoga. More quotes here
Here, in just a few hundred meters from Matrimandir, we offer you authentic Yoga practices, body treatments, as well as special events, seminars and lectures.

Inspired by Sri Aurobindo and Mother teachings, we believe a human being is a complex multi-level body-energy-mind-spirit system which should be developed and self-perfected integrally. You can expect this holistic approach in all activities we offer here at Auromode Yoga Space.
Yoga classes
Our classes range from active Hatha to meditative Raja Yoga, but the approach is always delicate and soft with the emphasis on connecting movement, breath and awareness. We also put attention on alignment and injury-free yoga.

You can join our existing groups, come for an introductory class or book an individual session designed for your needs, level, age and dosha/body type.

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Our Regular Yoga Classes

Classes will resume in August 2018

All instructions are in English unless otherwise specified

Feel free to drop in into any regular class
Please arrive 5 min before the class
Try to avoid heavy food 3 hours before the class
Our Yoga space is comfortable in all weather conditions
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You can download our full schedule in pdf format:
March 2018
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Let the power of healing touch release your body stress and calm down your mind! Here in Auromode Wellness we offer Thai Yoga Massage, Ayurvedic Oil massage, as well as Organic Facial treatments with use of natural ingredients.

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